November 01, 2014

A Place for Everything

I feel like I have everything and nothing to tell you. The weekend started on a high note I purged, cleaned, organized, and created my home space. 

In other words I'm right on track to rock my plans for the November Choose Your Own goals link up.

Life According to Steph

Purging and organizing is my jam.

My goals for the month:

1)  Purge the closet. There are plenty of shirts I never wear. Time to donate or toss.

2)  Get a 2015 planner. Planners are my favorite. I really love the one my mom bought me last year so I may buy it again. We'll see though. Buying a planner is like buying a journal - important!

3)  Start making my holiday gift lists. I'm a great giver if I do say so myself. I listen and take notes all year and make it a point to buy the perfect gifts.

4)  Set up my "office". I'm really excited that I now have an "office" in my new place so I'm excited to decorate it. If anyone has suggestions, let me know!! I can't wait to show it to you all.

5)  Use my budgeting software. This is so hard for me since I usually forget about it and I'm not as diligent as I should be. I just need to stick. with. it.

So that's what's on the deck for the month. How are you planning to get organized before the holidays?

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