Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday, I'm in Love

Helloooo Friday. Finally. I don't know about you but these weeks have been dragging by. Since my brain cells have met their weekly capacity, I'm keeping things the way I like my coffee, light and sweet, and sharing my favorite links from the week.

4| Helene's post about knowing your worth was amazing. Seriously, I get these emails every now and then and never know what to say except 'thanks, but no'. Now I feel like I have another, a better, response.

3| Stephanie's letter to Netflix is full of brilliant ideas. Seriously, can a girl get some 90s Nick!?

2| This bookworm has a new favorite website. Blogging For Books is almost as good as blogging for money... almost. Seriously though, check it out. 

1| This honest reflection on life that Nikki posted yesterday was amazing.

And with that, happy weekend!!

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