November 19, 2014

How to: Survive Black Friday

If you've been around this block for any amount of time, then you now that I'm an avid Black Friday shopper. Besides November 28th, it's pretty much my favorite non-holiday day of the year.

So my early birthday present to you, is a 3-step guide to survival while still getting all your shopping done.

1\ Create a plan (this is your most important step)
I realize this is kind of obvious but it should be thorough. Think term paper outline thorough. You need to know which stores open when, what you're getting from them, and it's good to know the store's layout so you know where you're headed. 

2\ Prep the Night Before
Some of you may consider this part of #1, but it's not. You need to have gas in the car, trunk and backseat emptied; coffee on a timer (or allow time to be in the DD/Sbux lot waiting for them to open); phones fully charged (walkies if your that person); clothes laid out, etc. You won't have time for this in the morning, you've got to get in line!

3\ Know where you'll pitstop
Everyone knows you need to refuel during a shopping trip. This is no different. Depending on when you start you'll be hungry much earlier than usual. Make it someplace quick and close to your next destination. Mom and I usually hit a Denny's or Friendly's. 

And that's it! It seems like a no-brainer but I have to say, the amount of people I see each year who are so unprepared amateurs, it's comical.

So get out there, or don't, but if you are, do yourself a favor and follow these steps. You can thank me later.

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