Monday, November 17, 2014

Just Call Me Murphy

You guys, this weekend was a major shit show. Like, of epic proportions. 

7:45 am: I went to go decorate the mailbox. I ended up locking myself out. In shorts and a t-shirt. With no shoes on. When it was 40 degrees out. On top of that there was only one "Z" on the sticker sheet so I couldn't even do it. #FAIL

8:00 am: I've got everything out to make pumpkin pie. I start opening the pumpkin can only to realize the can opener isn't working. I toy around with it for a bit making sure the gears are turning properly only to have washer pieces start crumbling to the counter. It now doesn't work at all and I have to pry the lid back.

9:15 am: The pie has been baking for an hour. I check it, still uncooked in the middle. I leave it for another 15 minutes, now it's done but the top is looking "well done".

**Insert random hours of actual productivity doing laundry, homework, and tidying up. **

3:00 pm: It's time to start making chili. After some back and forth between pots (ugh) everything is in and ready to marinate into chili goodness. I've added the mini can of tomato paste and then realize that it's not enough since I'm making double. I now have to walk 10 minutes to the grocery store for a $0.59 can of tomato paste. 

Silver lining, I bought this too because I'm a 5 year old. 

4:15 pm: I've been impatiently waiting all day to have some pie. I used a graham crust and it's now stuck to the pie plate. It matters not. Pie doesn't need to be pretty for what I'm going to do with it. 

**Insert random hours of catching up with the DVR**

7:29 pm: I'm bored and decide that flopping on the bed to wake up a sleeping K is fun. Upon landing I hear a very loud crack and realize I'm closer to the floor.

While taking the bed down to remove the frame I kind of dropped the corner of the box spring on my toe. Whatever the "dickens" are, it hurts like that.

8:00 pm: I've decided that walking aimlessly around Wal*Mart will now cure my irritation. Somehow I ended up at Target instead, which was fine since I was able to get another pack of glitter letters and some other fun things. 

Other highlights? Wal*Mart was also good to me. I found the fabric I'm going to use for my chair makeover. And I got Spaceballs on Blu-Ray for $5. I was surrounded by assholes. Oh, and I bought a new can opener. 

Best part about it? This was only Saturday.  

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