Friday, November 21, 2014

The Post With No Name

Erin's Merry Monday post got me thinking. Specifically she mentioned how it's a travesty that Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close together. I couldn't agree more.

And because of it I'm proposing a few changes to the calendar. Specifically, Labor Day should be in August as it has no holiday. We can then move Halloween to the end of September and put Thanksgiving in October, thereby separating two of the best holidays so each can be celebrated on its own. Plus, that gives all us Christmas addicts almost 2 full months of decorating bliss.

In other news, K and I have an un-wedding to go to tonight. A what? Yup, an un-wedding. It's a Yelp "wedding" event at the Grand Summit Hotel and I could not be more excited. Everyone knows the reception is the best part. I'm REALLY tempted to wear my prom dress. I mean, when else will I get to wear it, other than when I do laundry in it?

Can I just be shameless for a minute? I turn 30 in one week. One. Week. I know this isn't a monumental thing, but it is if you've been around you've heard me say that I've been excited for 30 for the longest. And now that it's actually happening... Cue all the happys

Also in one week, Black Friday. I'm not even ready. I haven't one hint of a plan except to get to Bath & Body Works tomorrow so that I can get the coupon booklet thing they usually give out. Yeah, this year has success written all over it...

Let's get this weekend started!!

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