Monday, December 1, 2014

Food, Birthdays & Theivery

How 'bout that holiday weekend? Also,

So let's see, Wednesday night I got lucky and caught an early bus home so I got in around 7:30 instead of 9.

My brother and I stopped at JCP Thursday night and they were giving away surprise coupons. Most were $10 off a $10+ purchase but there were a few $100 off a $100+ purchase ones sprinkled in there. Well, Happy Birthday to me because I got one of the $100 ones.

I picked my mom up from work at midnight and then we went shopping. I used my JCP coupon and got some things for me, and for K.

I completely broke tradition this year and didn't even set foot into bath & Body works. I got a peek at the VIP bag Thursday night before they opened and just wasn't interested. Besides, I still have some of last year's haul that hasn't been opened.

I did get to pick out my new winter coat but I'm boo-hooing since I can't have it yet.

Isn't she pretty?!  The coat, not her. 
I also stole a sweater... technically. See, there was an ugly sweater kiosk in the mall that my brother and I had looked at Thursday night. They had ugly NFL sweaters but no NYG ones out. When my mom and I were back that morning, they had them out but there was no one to be found to buy it from. After waiting about 10 minutes I took the sweater, wrote him a note saying "I bought the NYG sweater - here's $20. Next time maybe you shouldn't leave the kiosk unattended" and shoved it in the register drawer, put my sweater in a bag and continued my shopping. "I'm a criminal..."

Friday, after my whopping 3.5 hours of sleep, I rang in a new decade. Mom is awesome and got me an iPad. She knows I wan the Surface Pro 3 (still do) but this is the next best thing (Sorry Samsung).

Saturday we put up the Christmas tree, it made us mad because the lights weren't lighting, so we went and bought a new one.

I came home Sunday, was lucky enough to sit by myself, changed my clothes in the White Castle bathroom and headed off to birthday dinner with K. We went to Morton's and I'm still swooning over my filet mignon.

And because it was such a busy weekend, here's some other things that happened.

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