Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflections of 2014

Here we are. The last day of school. It's been an interesting year that's for sure. I barely remember the beginning of the year. I mean really, do any of us actually know what went on in March?

I changed jobs, got a new tattoo, had kids with some celebrities,  finished my last semester of school, moved, the blog turned 3, I took my first yoga class... it was a busy year.

Instead of just listing the highlights I thought I would recap some overall favorites, sort of like awards for favorites. Or something like that. Let's just get into it. 

Best Purchase: Buying personal training sessions has been the best purchase I made all year. It's an investment in myself and I know I'm worth it.

This is from August btw.

Biggest change: The biggest change for me this year by far was moving out of my apartment of 4 years and K and I moving in together again. This merge has been super successful and if I'm being honest, was an adjustment for both of us.

Biggest upset: Indefinitely losing my car. This sucked. Back in March my car went to the garage in the sky and I've been hoofing it or taking public transit ever since. It's made for major inconveniences but yeah, things could be worse.

(One of) Best summer memory: This one is easy. Spending the Fourth of July weekends down the shore with Little Miss, K, and my parents.

Something New: On a sheer whim I decided to do something I'd never done on the blog. I wrote. Not about me or what was going on in my life, but I wrote from feeling. I wrote a short story.

Best concert: Of the 4 concerts I went to this year, Dave Matthews wins of course. 2 sets, acoustic and electric, all of my favorites, a gorgeous summer night, time spent with my BFF... yeah, I'd say that's a win. 

Biggest Accomplishment: Finishing school... finally.

Greatest Challenge: This year I ran a 5k. My previous company always participated in the JP Morgan corporate challenge and this year I joined in too. And came in just over my time goal.

I guess all in all 2014 was a good year to me. Even with all the mundane day to day events I still managed to have some great ones sprinkled in throughout the year. And really, what more can you ask for?

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