Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Best of 2014 | Music

It's been a long ttime since I've done a tried and true spontaneous link up but when I was doing some catch up reading and saw that Helene was asking us to link up our favorite songs, I knew I had to join it.

I'm at somewhat of a disadvantage since day to day I don't listen to the radio at all. {hooray for commuting?} That doesn't mean I'm in a bubble though. These are some of my favorites from 2014.

The Best Songs Of 2014

I'm especially a fan of the beat... and the chorus. My appeal on Iggy is still out. Currently the verdict is that she's annoying.

Stay With me// Sam Smith
Stay with Me by Sam Smith on Grooveshark
This is the only song I know by him. It's soulful and just really good all around and I pretty much love it. How do you not?!

Habits (Stay High)// Tove Lo
Tove Lo by Habits (Stay High) on Grooveshark
This one just hooks me in every time. The concept of staying high in an attempt to forget about an ex is beyond me but I like the way it's sung. Plus, it's catchy.

Animals// Martin Garriix
Animals by Martin Garriix on Grooveshark
This. Is. My. Jam. You guys, this song is everything. It has a permanent spot on my cardio playlist because it's just so damn energizing. 

Delirious (Boneless)// Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Tujamo f. Kid Ink
Delirious (Boneless) by Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo feat. Kid Ink on Grooveshark
I stumbled across this one in a commercial {thanks Shazam!} for who knows what and I immediately downloaded it. 

Uptown Funk// Mark Ronson f. Bruno Mars
Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars on Grooveshark
I have no idea how I came upon this one but I kind of fell for it. It just speaks to my Foxxy Cleopatra loving self. You know why? Because we want the funk. 

All About the Bass// Meghan Trainor
All about the Bass by Meghan Trainor on Grooveshark
Sorry not sorry. This song is just fun to me. Also, if you've ever watched the video, the guy dancer is my favorite!

Shake It Off// Taylor Swift
Shake It Off by Va - on Grooveshark
I'm really not a big of TSwift but this song is awesome. It's fun and I always find myself dancing to it. And the video, so funny and carefree. Maybe I can be converted to being a fan after all?

Break Free// Ariana Grande
Break Free by Ariana Grande - on Grooveshark
Side note... this whole album is good. I got it for free thanks to a weekly Google Play download and I've listened to it countless times since then.

I'm sure there are others that I'll remember as I read other people's posts but for me, this is it. Do you really expect me to remember something from March? 

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