Friday, December 5, 2014

The Purge

I don’t mean to be all braggy but can we just talk about how I rocked the November Create Your Own Goal challenge?!

November’s theme was organization. I took that to mean purge, and purge I did.

1) Purge the closet.
My closet is looking a tad leaner. I removed a lot. I'd break it all down but I'm not that organized. Let's just say I'm minus several brass, shirts, sweaters, jackets, shoes, bags, and pants. Man it feels good to be a purger...

2) Get a 2015 planner
Planners are my absolute favorite because stationary. I just want them all. I'm a child so I like the ones that come with stickers for your events. I bought mine pretty much the day after I posted my November goals.

3) Start making holiday gift lists
Elf needs to be my middle name. Christmas is my Mecca. The buying, the wrapping it's like.... Christmas? Each person has their own list with things they've mentioned wanting or something I want to buy them and we all know Black Friday is when I do my shopping. I'm 95% done already.

4) Set up my "office"
This is still under wraps as it's a work in progress but I did buy the fabric for my chair makeover, and I did reorganize the space. I'm also rethinking updating the current chair. It's just a tad too narrow to ever be comfortable. 

5) Use my budgeting software
Ugh. I kind of did this. I'm beginning to think that electronic budgeting just former work for me. For one, it's ready to forget about if I'm not on the computer. So instead I started creating my own budgeting binder using printable sheets that I found in the Pinterest  rabbit hole.

If you ask me, I rocked my organization challenges. I even downsized my desk drawers at work. So, how did you do?

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