Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter Wear

A lucky few of you saw this post yesterday. Oops. But since it's already semi published, let's just throw it out there on an odd day.

With winter starting to bring it's freezing temps I've been thinking about replacing a lot of my winter gear. Mainly, the boots and coat I have. Although warm they don't keep me at my coziest.

Winter Wear

Sorell boots are at the top of my list this winter. They not be the "cutest" but my feet will stay perfectly toasty and dry.

I'm a huge fan of mittens. Personally, I think they keep my fingers warmer as they get to huddle and share heat... or something like that. I especially love the kind that turn down for what so that I ca actually use my fingers if need be.

Scarfs are probably the best invention ever. Fashion and function to infinity and beyond. Plaid has been the print for fall and although I already have 2 plaid scarfs, I really want one in the classic plaid colors. 

And what's some winter wear without cozy socks and hats? Unfortunately these kind of hats don't work for me. They give me crazy hat hair and it is NOT cute. I did but s new pair of Christmas socks though.

What do you do to keep warm? Are you ready?

Oh and Happy Birthday to K!!

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