Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Confessions | 2015 Style

You know what's great? When you wake up at 5:30 to bang out a blog post because you were too lazy busy tired to prep one the night before. Fitness has taken over y'all. 

The great thing though is that you're up, open Blogger and see that Alyssa has posted her confessions {it is Wednesday after all} and then poof! The "sins" start flooding back to you. 

Channing is my boo. Show some respect.

* I've been bitten by the fitness bug hardcore. and I don't even care. Once I'm in and committed, it's over. I'm all in. I'm doing my best not to overdo it so soon so that I tire of it and start slacking off. 

*I kind of went on a buying spree or something. I picked up my first pair of Sorels because I think they were a good buy. Originally $149, I paid $119 with free shipping. But let's talk about how warm, dry, and toasty my tootsies will be... for a really long time. Investments people. 

* For the first time ever I'm truly budgeting. I use Mint because that's what works for me. I also am in the process {it should have been done already...} of creating a budget binder because I also like to do things on paper. 

* Back on the fitness kick, if you haven't noticed, I've been loving the flex out of this 10-day yoga challenge from Erin Motz. Seriously. She replied to a comment I left on her blog AND liked my IG picture from day 6, AND commented. I may or may not have had a fan girl moment. 

* I like to do my part whenever I can. That includes as a member of the shopping world. I did my girl duty {I kid you not, when I said this to K I laughed because I'm a child} and picked up these Vince Camuto beauties. They were on clearance. Like, $110 off clearance. I just checked back and the price went up $13, still a steal.

* I kind of confessed this in Alyssa's comments but it bears repeating because some of you may find it that shameful: I've never finished watching Friends. When it was on TV, I never watched. Then when it was all reruns, I'd catch an episode here or there. PIVOT! But then I got all ambitious and started watching. I made to the end of Season 6 (is that where Chandler and Monica are under the table in the casino?) and just quit. But now that it's on Netflix.... game on. I'll be watching on lunch today. 

And that's all I'm confessing to today. Because some things are better left a secret. 

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