Friday, January 2, 2015

Dear 2015...

The New Year is officially here. 

K and I kept it simple and spent our New Years at home with the clowder and 3 bottles of bubbles. New Year’s isn’t my thing so for me, this was perfect.
Yesterday I posted about the “big things” happening this year that I’m looking forward to. While all those events will be taking place and I’m anxiously waiting for each to arrive, I’m also looking forward to some other, more personal things this year. Steph inspired me simply by the way she wrote her post about gazing into a crystal ball. But since it is Friday after all, only a letter is appropriate. 

Dear 2015:

I feel like I’ve been waiting for you for some time. Big things will be happening this year. With all those big events I hope to accomplish some small things too. 

I’m looking at you to help me continue to grow as a person in every way. Last year we started getting a good handle on our finances and we started to get in tune with ourselves through yoga. This year I want to do the 52 week challenge again (because it totally works)keep increasing my credit so that I can maybe get a new car this year, and, for now, start going to the yoga studio at least once a month

K and I really grew in our relationship these past 6 months and I plan to continue on that path. I think we need to do more couple-y things so bi-weekly date nights are coming back. 

Health and fitness really play a big role in my life. Staying motivated is always something I struggle with but I think I’ve settled into a workable routine. I’m going to continue training and I’m going to really try to meal plan. Even if it’s only one meal of the day it’s better than not at all.  

In short, I want more laughs, more smiles, and more memories.


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