Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Five

Believe it or not, sometimes Friday isn't my favorite day of the week. I know, it's blasphemous. This particular Friday is just so-so. We are having a bunch of peeps over tomorrow afternoon though, so there's that. 

Anywho.... today I'm just going to keep it numerically short and simple because that's about as much patience as I have to sit here and type away when I could be in bed with my tea. #30goingon60

5 (ish). The number of magazibe subscriptions that I get sent every month. It's just a tad ridicuous. Especially I don't really get a chance to read all of them thoroughly. I've been a Shape subscriber for years so I can't let go of that. Yoga Journal will now be a permanent subscription because I absolutely love it. InStyle, Eating Well, Women's Health and Real Simple are kind of sample subscriptions. 5 issues and then no more. 

4. The number of times I ask make K retake a picture when I ask him to be my blog photographer. I know he hates doing it. And to that I respond with "nope, take another one". {See evidence below}

3.  The number of times I busted my ass in the gym this week. Hooray for today being Leg Day. That doesn't count all the walking I did on the treadmill at home. My fitbit is making sure I get in my minimum of 10k steps a day. I'm determined to be feel better for vacation in a few short months. 

2.  The number of days {including today} left in the 10-day yoga challenge I've been doing. Cue the sads. These pictures are some poses that didn't make the cut for Day 8: Somewhere you don't usually do yoga.

I considered going with this crescent lunge but I just wasn't as upright as I can get when I do it on the floor. Having a low ceiling really kills my vibe. 

Doing some low bridge on the kitchen table. I liked this... except my boob was melting into my armpit and it's just not cute. Yet here I am posting it on the web... -_-

I still kind of like this one. I don't feel like I'm as straight as I could be because of the low ceiling. Seriously. It kills my flow. I pretty much can't do sun salutations because of it and those are my favorite. 

1.  Weeks left until my first paid holiday of the year. Oh you bet your ass I'm counting down to this. I love mandatory holidays. And a Monday no less. Who doesn't like a 3-day weekend? Yeah, that's what I thought. 

Any plans for the weekend?

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