Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm A Rambling Man.... or Girl

The first official weekend of the new year is behind us. Apparently my brain was left in 2014 because I've been doing and saying the most ridiculous things. And in true CTAM fashion, this post is going to be all over the place as well.

On Friday I left my debit card home. Let me tell you how freaking inconvenient that was. I told I we had to stop at the ATM after the gym. We go, I then tell him he'll have to Swype us in since I don't have my card. Not until I'm standing in front of the ATM do I realize that this entire trip was impossible. Saturday, I walked to the store to get my bus pass for the month. First, I asked for a November pass. Then the clerk points out that I have $10 less than I needed. I really need to get it together...

You know what is with it? My budget. You guys I feel so freaking confident that I'm going to be a financial all star this month {and hopefully for the rest of the year}. I know it's only day 5 but I'm on this like brown on rice {I don't eat white rice, thanks}

Saturday night K's sister was super awesome and generous and surprised me with a gift membership to My Yoga Works. Hello online yoga classes. I'm going to stick with my Bad Yogi training but I'm seriously so freaking excited to keep on this journey. 

Speaking of which, if you folks me on Instagram you may have noticed a few yoga poses. I'm talking party I the 10-day yoga challenge from Erin Mots to strike a poses and snap a picture. It's been a lot of fun so far. #badyogisdoit

Can I just say it? I'm so hyped for 2015. The freshness hasn't worn off yet. I'm so ready to tackle all of my goals and just make this a positive, kick ass year. 

My mom bought me a Fit Bit for Christmas so her and I have been in a challenge to see who can get the most steps per day. Sunday I woke up and saw she was already 3,000 steps ahead of me. Not to be outdone I immeiatelty got up and headed out. Ioriginally wasjust going to walk a street I like in the next town over. Before I knew it I was headed to the GWB. 

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning and avoiding K while he watched the Dallas game. I'm really not happy about the outcome but whatever. It's not like they're making it to The Bowl anyway.

And before this Monday post gets any longer with my rambling, I'm out of here.

Make it a good one! 

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