January 12, 2015

People You Meet in Transit

It's not news that I take public transportation to get around. While I do absolutely hate not having the ease of coming and going as I please, this isn't all bad. It does have its moments though. Mainly with people.

Chatty Cathy
This is the person who gets on the bus/train and from the moment they sit down they have (strike) need to have mindless conversion with whoever they're next to.  Which of course is at levels where everyone around them can hear their thoughts on the weather and the traffic.

Nosy Nate
This guy is beyond annoying. He feels the need to comment on  absolutely everything. Did you just give your significant other a kiss on the forehead? You'll hear him grumbling that you should do that on your own time. Did you make a joke about not having the energy to cook Thanksgiving dinner? He'll tell you not to say that because other people are hungry and have no meal. No matter what you're doing, you'll hear his opinion.

Stretched out Stan
I loathe this guy. He's the one who thinks his balls are a gift to the world and can't fathom the idea of using only his space to sit and therefore feels the need to use half of yours. No matter how much you nudge he won't get it. Unless you do like I do and move you knee roughly so he forced to move over.

Lazy Susan
This chick pisses me off almost as much as Stan. When you're sitting by the window and you've rang the bell for your stop, she's the one who oh so graciously swivels her legs to the aisle. She doesn't get up and doesn't move which allows you a solid 6" in which to get out of your seat and into the aisle. Spoiler: it doesn't work.

Tone Deaf
Oh Marty. Your music, albeit shitty in my opinion, shouldn't be heard outside of your own headphones. When I do or do not have my own headphones in and can still hear your music, it might be a tad too loud. This is not a case where it's cool to be "turnt up". 

I can't save up for a car fast enough. 

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