Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Screw You Juno

After yesterday's false blizzard I'm officially done paying attention to the weather. For those of you that don't know, I grew up in upstate NY. Not Buffalo, but not Westchester either, which is not upstate by the way. The point is, I've dealt with snow my entire life and when they call for a blizzard, that's a serious statement.... of happiness. So when said "blizzard" doesn't in fact happen, this girl is not happy. 8 inches. We got 8 measly inches. I wanted all the snow.

I did however get a nice day off because of it. My boss sent out the mass "closed" text... about 40 minutes before they lifted the travel ban. Win for me. I did nothing all day... except cook pork roast for dinner, clean the house, work with my budget binder , alphabetize the movies, and watch Fried Green Tomatoes. Case in point I should have grown up to be a housewife. 

It bothers me if they're not in alphabetical order.

My next 3 weekends are already claimed and I'm feeling very meh about it. This weekend is the Super Bowl so I need to go through my tailgate board to find something to bring. After that I have SW's bridal shower. I should probably get on the gift buying. And thennnn...I go home for the long weekend, which I am super happy about. 

I'm sitting here procrastinating at typing a blog post because I'm procrastinating at getting ready for work. Clearly I have it together. I was supposed to draft posts yesterday but that obviously didn't happen because lately I've been spending any and all non-work time off the computer. I love it so much. 

I need to buy a scale. You know, as much as one needs that daily reminder to rein it in on the snacking. The thing is, I want a $129 scale and I'm not sorry about it one bit. I'm looking at you Aria. This scale will sync with my FitBit so I can keep track of my steps and make sure the scale is moving in the right direction. 

On a happy {?} note, I went to WW last Sunday to get a starting weight.... it's the same as it was last June. Hooray for maintenance I guess? 

And now I probably should really get ready for work. You know, since I'm sitting here in PJs at 7:30, hair all sorts of crazy with 20 minutes before I'm supposed to be walking out the door. Oops? 

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