February 25, 2015

Spilling my Lungs... err Guts

This is the cold that doesn't end. I just keep coughing and coughing my friend... Seriously, it won't stop. There's nothing to even cough up. It's like I'm coughing up air. Just making myself sound more and more hoarse. I'm over it and it's annoying now. I take that back. It was annoying on Saturday when I spent $36 at Rite Aid on cold supplies.  

+ Sunday night I watched the Oscars... for the first {and last} time ever. It's just sooo not for me. My thoughts though:

NPH in his underwear was worth it. Robin Roberts, Lupita Nyong'o, Rosamund Pike, Anna Kendrick, and Zoe Saldana all had gorgeous dresses. I hope Crissy Tiegen got waxed before wearing that dress. 
+ I can’t wait for March to be over. Not because April means vacation but because I feel like I’ve been hemorrhaging money these past 2 months.

+ February was such a waste for me. I feel like I did nothing productive.

+ I have my bridesmaid fitting next Monday and I’m worried it won’t fit. I weigh the same amount I did at the end of December {post holiday gorging} so I really shouldn’t worry... but you never know. I have a little more than a month {31 days to be exact} to stop procrastinating and start eating better... for multiple reasons.

+ I’m not content in my job. I wrote a long draft about this months ago and just filed it away as cathartic writing but everyday that I sit at my desk the feelings of boredom and discontent increase.

 + Student loans are the devil. If you're in college. Do yourself a favor and just stop going. {I kid.... kind of} The interest on this one loan is a major bitch. It accumulates roughly $80/month in interest. Yeah, my monthly payment of $113 is really going to make a difference. Dear Sallie Mae.... fuck off. 

And on that surly note, I'm outta here. Because I can't stop coughing. If you need me I'll be the one in the corner drunk off Robitussin. 

February 04, 2015

Under My Desk and Dreaming

This week is draaaaging by. Can we just skip to March already? On the plus side, I walked out of my office at 5:05 last night and it was still light out. Light as in the sun was still in the sky. Finally!

All right, let's get into the confessions!

+ I mentioned, probably about 3 weeks ago, how I received a My Yoga Works subscription... just used it for the first time last week. #fail

+ I’ve decided I hate working and wish I were a trust fund baby. Not so I could be spoiled but so that I could spend my time doing things I actually cared about like reading, doing yoga, and taking care of animals or the elderly.

+ I shouldn’t be confessing this at all but I am: I dropped my phone in the toilet Monday afternoon. On the plus side, it still works.

+ If this lower back pain I’ve been suffering through all week is anything similar to pregnancy back pain count me out. Sitting has been a nightmare and all I wanted to do all week was crawl under my desk and lay down.

Because this would feel wonderful right now

+ I enjoy winter. I like the snow. I’m jealous of all the feet Boston has accumulated as of late and I truly enjoy shoveling snow. With that being said... I’m done with winter. I’m tired of having to bundle with eleventy-six layers and I’m tired of not being able to wear fun boots or flats because doing so will immediately result in falling on my ass.

+ I finally started listening to Serial. I'm only episode 5 but I have two words for you: Mind Blown. 

+ Since Sunday I have been being the laziest human on the planet. I don't hate it but I'm kind of mad at myself for doing it. 

Can we just pretend it's Friday already? What are you confessing to this week? 

February 02, 2015

A Super Weekend

And here we are in February already... and I've been staring at this blank screen for 20 minutes while I watch Robot Chicken. You know what's worse than having to go to work? Having to go to work on a delayed opening. 

In an attempt to negate some of the food debauchery that was going to take place later than night I decided to workout Sunday morning. I hit the treadmill for 30 mins, then did a 25 minute bodyweight DVD, and then finished it all off with 30 minutes of yoga. Somewhere in the midst of the DVD I hurt my back. I'm fairly certain it was during the V-ups {hate them} so now I'm moving about like an elderly person. I'm only comfortable when I'm laying down. K suggested going to a chiropractor. Other than an awesome realignment I'm really not sure what they could do to help. 

Fortunately last night's game was much better than Super Bowl 38. I even liked the half time show. Missy Elliot... what?!  My favorite memes of the event..  

Although I probably shouldn't I'm going to admit that it took me some time before I figured out that this...

was a tiger. 

In my defense I was a few beers in and I wasn't the only one. We thought it was a female lion, then we thought it looked like a dog, and then we got the eye of the....oh right...

And the commercials! Holy fucking depressing! Seriously... that Nationwide commercial. And the Nissan one... what the hell man. All the commercials this year had the feels. 

On the plus side the spicy BBQ kielbasa and "Tailgate Truffles" I brought were a hit. 

And now I'm off to hobble my way to work. I sense a loong day in my future...