February 02, 2015

A Super Weekend

And here we are in February already... and I've been staring at this blank screen for 20 minutes while I watch Robot Chicken. You know what's worse than having to go to work? Having to go to work on a delayed opening. 

In an attempt to negate some of the food debauchery that was going to take place later than night I decided to workout Sunday morning. I hit the treadmill for 30 mins, then did a 25 minute bodyweight DVD, and then finished it all off with 30 minutes of yoga. Somewhere in the midst of the DVD I hurt my back. I'm fairly certain it was during the V-ups {hate them} so now I'm moving about like an elderly person. I'm only comfortable when I'm laying down. K suggested going to a chiropractor. Other than an awesome realignment I'm really not sure what they could do to help. 

Fortunately last night's game was much better than Super Bowl 38. I even liked the half time show. Missy Elliot... what?!  My favorite memes of the event..  

Although I probably shouldn't I'm going to admit that it took me some time before I figured out that this...

was a tiger. 

In my defense I was a few beers in and I wasn't the only one. We thought it was a female lion, then we thought it looked like a dog, and then we got the eye of the....oh right...

And the commercials! Holy fucking depressing! Seriously... that Nationwide commercial. And the Nissan one... what the hell man. All the commercials this year had the feels. 

On the plus side the spicy BBQ kielbasa and "Tailgate Truffles" I brought were a hit. 

And now I'm off to hobble my way to work. I sense a loong day in my future... 

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