Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Confessions of the Male Kind

I've done a lot of confessing on this here blog since the famous Confessions link-up started. But there are a few confessions that haven't been mentioned. And those belong to K! Today he's taking over and spilling some of his own!

Making Melissa

I confess that...

* I'm a workaholic and I love working. {No really, he is and does}

* I love my girlfriend dearly {what a cheater!}

* Heavy metal calms me down {me too :)}

* I keep what Michael calls "the evolution of the cell phone" in a dresser drawer. {O_o} Update: I threw them all away!  

* My girl makes me try new foods and I'm really not happy about it.

* I'm a sucker for the movie Serendipity

* I do yoga with her on the weekends and I don't hate it.

* I own the first season of The Simple Life

And there you have it. K's confessions. And let me tell you, that last one.... oh man did I give him shit when I first found that out. I mean really... you spent actual money on that?? Yikes.

Now, get to confessin'!

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