Thursday, February 5, 2015

February Fever

If there’s one thing you know from being on this blog it’s that I love to set goals. At the beginning of the month I laid out some goals for the year and while I intend to work on all of them I do like to set monthly goals to keep me motivated. It’s like goal snowballing.

February is the longest month of the year. Sure, it may have the least amount of days but those bitterly cold 28 days draaaagby if you ask me. To keep myself on pace and to not let the winter blues get the best of me I have these 4 goals.

Meditation: Every day. Quiet time with myself clearing my head and finding my center. I'm only 4 days in and I'm absolutely loving it. 

Cleaning: I’m an organized procrastinator by nature. Does that even make sense? Example: I have a lovely pile of sweaters and things, mainly coats, that need to go to the dry cleaner. I started the pile in November. Oops. If I can take the sweaters and just one coat I'll feel accomplished

H2O: I'm the worst about drinking water in the winter. I bought a new bottle for work last month and unfortunately I overlooked the fact that there are no ounce lines on it because... so pretty. But I know it's 750ml which is a little over 25oz. so if I can drink one to 1 1/2 a day I'm good. 

Purge Redeux: Another thing I love? Purging. As much as I love buying something new, I equally enjoy getting rid of clutter or stuff I no longer need. I was scrolling through Pinterest earlier this month and stumbled upon 20+ Things You Can Get Rid of Without Even Missing. While I’m always purging, when I read this it made me recognize some areas where I can purge a little deeper, like my lotion and magazine collections.

So that's what's on deck for my February. Oh, and side note. I ordered coconut oil from Vitacost a few weeks ago. Hooray for BOGO deals. So I finally decided to give the oil pulling thing a try...

And that sums up my feelings on that.

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