Friday, February 6, 2015

Happies & Crappies

Is it just me or did this week take foooorrrrevvvvvver to end? I don't know if it was the snow/delayed start ordeal on Monday or what but this week crept by for me. Possibly because I have plans for Sunday? Who knows. What I do know is that it's been one of those weeks. See for yourself. 

I'm at the point where I can't handle TV anymore. Enough with the Rob Lowe commercials already. Seriously, they're not funny anymore. And everyone is still talking about the call that shouldn't have been made. As much as I love football, I'm done. The Super bowl was almost a week ago. Carroll fucked up. Let's move on. 

Check out this fun surprise I got from Discover yesterday! 

At first I was like, unmarked envelope, hooray for junk mail. Glad I'm not one of those crazies who just throws perceived junk mail away. I open everything. I'll #discoverjoy in a little treat this weekend!

Speaking of this weekend, BWB's bridal shower is Sunday. She knows all about it already. Apparently one of her friends sent her a text saying she couldn't make it.... All I have to say is I'm glad I didn't throw it because I'd be pissed. 

I'll be starting episode 10 of Serial this morning. How could I have stayed away for so long?! It's not that I have "theories" about what happened per say, but I've been on a jury before and I know what I'm thinking. 

Can we go back to ranting for a minute? Sport Illustrated. Society.... Go fuck yourselves. I was immediately outraged when I read this Buzzfeed article about the first plus-sized model to ever be included in Sports Illustrated. Naturally I voiced my opinion on Twitter.

I don't give a shit what anyone says - size 12 is NOT plus-sized. I'm a size 12. I don't have a flat stomach and I don't look like that in a bathing suit but I know I'm not plus-sized. I'm still pissed about this. 

On a happy note my back is feeling better. I can actually put my shoes on wince free again, so there's that. And I realized I had a missing earring at lunch, boo hoo right? This morning as I'm walking to move laundry to the dryer I found it on the floor. #win

Also, can we all just be happy that this is happening again. July is going to be one hot month.

And on that note... 

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