Monday, February 23, 2015

Procrastination All -Star

It’s no secret that this blog has been neglected. It’s not that I’m hanging up the towel; it’s more that I’ve never been an excellent storyteller. I like facts. I like reality to be black and white. So if there’s nothing going on I have a hard time making the mundane sound exciting... although, I did have some back and forth with some bitch in Staten Island last weekend.

So today’s prompts are courtesy of Alyssa.

Reading = According to Goodreads I’m reading India’s Summer and The Girl on the Train. In reality, I’ve been reading a whole lot of nothing. I was tearing up the pages in January and then I just stopped. My problem is that when I look at my to-be-read list, it’s a little akin to this...

Writing = I’ve been journaling a lot lately. Usually I reserve it for when I’m stressed or angry but more and more I find myself writing just to write. Writing to get thoughts out, writing to have positive pages outweigh the angry ones, writing lists, and goals and plans.

Listening to = Spotify like it’s my job. My favorite playlists? Diner Jukebox, because I’m obsessed with the oldies. Jock Jams, to power through those gym sessions and my DMB list because it includes every song they have available on Spotify.

Wishing = that time would slow down just a little bit. The next 4 months are packed with events and I want more time to save money, plan, and prepare for the upcoming dinner party, bachelorette party, wedding, vacation, and graduation that I have on deck. I just wanna be like, hey life,

Watching = nothing. Okay, not really, but I am so behind on TV that it’s a joke. Scandal? Still haven’t watched the last 3 episodes from before the mid-season break. Friends? Still haven’t finished Season 6. Modern Family? Need to go pick up Season 4 from the library.

Loving = That the sun is still up when I leave work at 5pm. Seriously. It’s magical.

That’s everything in a nutshell. What’s going on with you? What are you loving/reading/listening to, etc.? I’m nosy like that.

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