February 04, 2015

Under My Desk and Dreaming

This week is draaaaging by. Can we just skip to March already? On the plus side, I walked out of my office at 5:05 last night and it was still light out. Light as in the sun was still in the sky. Finally!

All right, let's get into the confessions!

+ I mentioned, probably about 3 weeks ago, how I received a My Yoga Works subscription... just used it for the first time last week. #fail

+ I’ve decided I hate working and wish I were a trust fund baby. Not so I could be spoiled but so that I could spend my time doing things I actually cared about like reading, doing yoga, and taking care of animals or the elderly.

+ I shouldn’t be confessing this at all but I am: I dropped my phone in the toilet Monday afternoon. On the plus side, it still works.

+ If this lower back pain I’ve been suffering through all week is anything similar to pregnancy back pain count me out. Sitting has been a nightmare and all I wanted to do all week was crawl under my desk and lay down.

Because this would feel wonderful right now

+ I enjoy winter. I like the snow. I’m jealous of all the feet Boston has accumulated as of late and I truly enjoy shoveling snow. With that being said... I’m done with winter. I’m tired of having to bundle with eleventy-six layers and I’m tired of not being able to wear fun boots or flats because doing so will immediately result in falling on my ass.

+ I finally started listening to Serial. I'm only episode 5 but I have two words for you: Mind Blown. 

+ Since Sunday I have been being the laziest human on the planet. I don't hate it but I'm kind of mad at myself for doing it. 

Can we just pretend it's Friday already? What are you confessing to this week? 

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