March 09, 2015

Currently Coveting | Vacation

Since this will be my first real vacation in the history of life I want to have all the things. I did find myself a passport wallet and I have to say, I feel all adult-like. Unfortunately, as far as clothing and “resort wear” goes.... I’ve got nada. I’m the girl that spends her vacation down the shore. Resort wear is not in my vocab closet. Obviously that means we need to discuss all the vacation things I’m coveting. Sorry Jesus.

Vacation Wishlist

  1. This striped canvas tote. Because white and navy stripes scream summer.
  2. This Alice + Olivia cover up is the greatest one I’ve seen but umm, $348 for an oversized doily? Just no. Fortunately I've already found one I love. 
  3. I don't know what it is but all of a sudden retro high waisted bathing suits are really growing on me. So much so that I actually ordered one. I’m equally nervous and oh so excited to wear it.
  4. These chained flip flops are so me. Simple with a little bit of edge. The $350 price tag though? Not by a long shot.
  5. A twisty back maxi dress is a necessity. I have a few but we all know that's not enough.
  6. These Pink flip flops are more my speed. But I want them in mint!
  7. Not that I'm the happy owner of a retro swimsuit it only makes sense to complete the look with a floppy sunhat, no?
Am I forgetting any essential must-haves? 

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