Monday, March 2, 2015

Death by Cough

It's that time of the month again. Time to start fresh with hopes and goals of not being the best biggest procrastinator in New Jersey.

Before I get into that let me just say that this cold I had/have is straight from hell. I am still congested and I am still coughing. At this rate I'm going to have six pack abs purely from all the coughing I've been doing. WHY WON'T IT STOP!?

February did a number on me. Yesterday I just felt completely run down. Not tired, but lethargic. I have zero energy but want to eat everything. Salad? As my niece would say "leaves? yuck!" {as a side note, when I was home last month I kept her busy by having her help me make a salad... while I'm cutting cucumbers she was throwing my spinach, leaf by leaf, in the garbage!} Anything carby and cheesy, more please! I feel completely unbalanced lately. 

I have my bridesmaid fitting tonight... can we all cross our fingers that it fits the way it did in November? Thank God for Sara Blakely {creator of Spanx}! On the plus side, it's simple and oh so pretty. It's in the teal color. I like that the coverlet is removable because I prefer strapless. Not counting today, 26 more days!

As far as my goals, they're all over the map this month. 

* Work on the illusive "5 minute face". I get up early enough {most days} so there's no reason why I can't make myself look a little more presentable every morning instead of walking out looking like my 12 year old self. 

* No fried food. This was my non-Catholic "let's participate in Lent" plan but seeing as how I have no idea when Lent started or when it ends, let's just say that this is my goal for the month of March.

* Finish 1 new book. I've been horrible about reading lately and I really want to knock out a lot of these books that have been sitting on my shelf for years.

* Work on my fitness. I've totally fallen off the motivation train and hitched a ride on the 'do it because you have to' wagon. Of course this makes it feel like a chore. And no one likes chores.

Annnd I'm off to continue expelling my lungs... or to work. Whichever sounds less painful. 

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