March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites | Book Worm

This week took forever to come to an end. And I'll tell you a secret, this week was the first time I've ever dreaded a Friday. Say whaaa?! More on that later...

When I was in grade school one of the things I looked forward to was the annual book fair. They'd come in with these huge folding bookcases filled with all sorts of children's books. It was heaven. Then they'd send us home with a colorful order form from Scholastic and we were able to select the books we wanted to purchase. I always remember wanting all the books and then having a hard time trying to choose the 3 I'd ultimately order. In honor of that, here are today's favorites!

Babysitters Little Sister
I'm not sure why I never go into the Babysitters Club but my grandmother bought me the first few of the spin off Little Sister series {Karen is Kristy Thomas' step-sister fyi} and I loved them. I read as many as I could before I moved on to bigger and braver reads {ahem, Nancy Drew, ahem}.

Nancy Drew
These books started everything for me. They're what pulled me into mystery and suspense, now my favorite genre, and are still favorites some 23 years later. So much so that this past summer I started reading the entire series, every book I had not yet read, in order. It's an ongoing project. 

The Secret Garden
In full disclosure I need to read this again. It's been decades and I honestly can't tell you what it's about... except the obvious. I actually have 2 copies, and one is kind of fancy. I think the fact that it has those rough-cut edges makes me love it even more. 

Little Women
I had one of those mini copies of this. I remember reading it in 3rd grade while I was home with chicken pox {I did a lot of reading that week}. I think at the time this book was beyond me. I didn't understand some things but I remember thoroughly enjoying it. It's still one of my favorites and I even liked the movie.

Love You Forever
This book. This book brings out all the feels. Just find it, read it, and tell me you don't have a feel session. I had this when I was a kid and read it all the time. It's just so darn good! My friend wanted it when her son was born, so I bought it. My niece got it for her 1st birthday. It's just one of those books you hand down. 

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always,
as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be"

These were also a huge fave, continuing my infatuation with suspense and mystery. I would borrow them from the library and I know I read a few more than once. Seriously, who didn't love these? I may need to start a Goosebumps marathon...

Now that I've taken a literary trip down memory lane I feel the need to get to my all-grown-up reading. 

What were some of your favorite childhood books?

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