Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Off My Chest

I feel like this year is flying by. Or maybe that’s just because this past month felt like it was non-stop. Something was happening every single weekend. But now it's time to relax and vent.

+ I don’t know K’s phone number without looking it up. I’ve never needed to know it. It’s in my phone, I scroll and select ‘boo thang’ and it calls or messages. Why do I need to know the number? Confession part b: this annoys him so much.

+ I’ve pretty much given up on “adult reading” and have been reading only cheesy romance novels on my Kindle. a) they’re free; b) they’re quick and easy {ha!}; and c) books are books. The thing is, I’m the worst when it comes to making decisions. If I could avoid making them all together that would be awesome. I also hate starting a book only to be 2-3 chapters in and realize I hate it, or be so annoyed with the characters that I want to just stop reading. But then I get mad because I hate leaving books unfinished. It’s a vicious cycle... and thus, romance novels.

+ Little things tend to make me crazy. Case in point, when I send this to K saying "we should make these" and he responds with "what are they". Instant annoyance. 

It's a house... obviously.

+ I’m the biggest morning procrastinator on the planet. I lazily wake up at 6am. Harass the cats for waking me up because they want to be fed. Feed them, use the facilities, and then I either check my e-mail or go make tea and dick around on my laptop until oh..... 7am. Then I start deciding what to wear. Then around 7:15 I hop in the shower, and then I’m out and usually just stare at the wall trying not be cold. Then at around 7:35 I realize I need to eat breakfast and pack my lunch. Mind you, I need to be walking out my door at 7:50. Someone slap me.

+ I hate to say this but I'm starting to dislike my gym. January 1st hit and there was a bandwagon uprising. Everyone and their labradoodle now goes to my gym. Getting in the squat rack is damn near impossible because Johnny 2 Flex needs to squat, bench, lift, curl and admire for the next 30 minutes. Hey douchebag, other people need to get their squat on! even as I was drafting this thought at the gym there was a line 3 deep at the water fountain. 

+ I just discovered Florida Georgia Line. What?! I know. I'm ashamed. I was listening to Spotify on my way home Monday night and Cruise came on {probably the one and only song I've heard previously}. So in obsessive nature, I proceed to listen to every single song they've ever released. And I fell in love. Hard. Current favorites? Like You Ain't Even Gone; Good Good; Tell Me How You Like It; and Every Night. All I can envision while listening to them is a road trip in progress, windows down, radio up, and sun on my shoulders. #summerlove

And that's enough confessing for one day. I need to get back to my new found FGL obsession. Priorities and all.  

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