March 11, 2015


Can I get a collective amen that we've finally sprung forward?! It's been nice out, the sun is shining, the work days are going quickly at the moment, and confession day is here! 

  • As much as I love it, I despise working out. I’m gung-ho {who came up with this term???} for a few weeks or months and then all of a sudden my mojo just disappears. Case in point – I haven’t done yoga in about a month and I’ve been beating myself up over it.

  • I adore my shoes but I don’t want to wear them. The thing is I usually don’t wear anything other than sneakers, flats, or boots. I absolutely hate being uncomfortable... and walking 4 blocks to get to the bus to get to work is the definition of uncomfortable when heels are involved.
  • I’m a lazy dresser. I wish I had the desire to put adorable outfits together accessorizing to the max. It’s just not me. I know when something is a good “style” by looking at it but when it comes to styling myself I’m like a fish with a remote control. I live for comfort. If it’s hassle-free and can be utilized 564921 different ways then it’s for me. Basically, I don’t have time for accessorizing.

  • Restless needs to be my middle name. My best friend jokes with me that I have ADD. Sometimes it would seem that way. Unfortunately, I think restlessness is my true problem. I get bored so easily that I actually frustrate myself. For 10 years I bled, sweat and cried to finish school and get my degree. Now I have it and I’m fed up with working in the legal field. #graduationproblems 
  • Coffee is not my go-to. Coffee is amazing. Good coffee is mood altering. But first thing in the morning I reach for tea. It’s not that I don’t want coffee it’s that K-cups in the office make me want to vomit. I don’t know what it is about those guys but they make my stomach turn. When I was working in the city I had to flat out stop drinking coffee because it was making me nauseous. The horror....
  • I shut down my laptop whenever I go away more than a day. Sunday afternoon I was met with a 'your password is invalid' message. I immediately started freaking out that I was going to have to replace it and would lose everything.... and then I remembered my numerical password doesn't start with a zero. #dumbass
  • I think my interest for TWD has officially been rekindled. This season is still holding my attention. I don't trust Deanna. Sasha is losing it, Rick is kissing married women, and Carol is threatening children. WHAT IS GOING ON!?

That's it for this week. On an unrelated note, do me a favor and send me good vibes today. I'll explain later!

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