Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pretty Scents

At the end of March I was in my friend's wedding. It was such an honor to be in the wedding and it was soo much fun. It's only official because I made it so. :)

As is customary she gave us a gift. A candle from JewelScent.

I thought this was adorable. a) I've wanted to buy/try one of these for a long time; b) it goes with their Paris engagement theme; and c) it smells fabulous!

I lit it the very next day, and every day, until I could start to see the pouch. 

When you're incredibly impatient, like someone I know, this is the worst part. 

Eventually the wax melts enough that you can pull out the pouch with a pair of tweezers. Just make sure you don't drop the wick in the wax when pulling it out. I didn't... but just FYI.

After you unwrap your rings they should all have a tag with numbers attached. Don't pull them off just yet! You'll use those numbers to get the appraisal to see how much your rings are worth. 

I was a little over-zealous and ripped the tags off as soon as I unwrapped them so I have no idea which ring is worth what. Mine were worth $31, $10, and $10. 

The one that looks "engagementy" {far right} is my favorite. Mainly because it's simple and has a classic look to it.

The green one is perfect to make a statement. I haven't worn it yet but I know I will. It's a great color and size.

I like the 3rd one, but I'm on the fence about it at the same time. It's simple and pretty... but perhaps too simple?

If you're lucky enough to get a candle with a gold token it means that your rind is valued at over $100. Obviously I didn't get one of those.

I had a great first experience with JewelScent and know that I'll buy from their site for gifts and personal reasons. They also sell hand soaps, aroma beads, body scrubs and other smell-good products.

Have you ever bought or received one of these candles? How did it work out for you?

*I received no compensation for this post and am only sharing my experience with JewelScent. All opinions are my own.*

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