Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What I Know

It's funny... the journey of getting to know yourself. I'm me, of course I know myself... but it's not always that easy. People, places, experiences, they all change us. After 10 years as an "adult" according to society there are a few things I'm absolutely certain of....

I know that... if I don’t go to the gym before work I won’t go at all. I hate doing anything after work.

I know that...  I get distracted very easily but my best “working” hours are early in the morning.

I know that... as much as I want to eat clean and green more, I have the hardest time saying no to French fries, Mexican or pizza.

I know that... if I have a lot of free time it just makes me procrastinate more. I need to have a few balls in the air to function. {I actually just read that there's a scientific reason for this. It's called Parkinson's Law.}

I know that... as much as I try to ignore my birthday I really want someone to make a big deal out of it, just once.

I know that... as much as I love shoes, they’re not my weakness. Handbags are.

I know that... I get bored easily.

I know that... I prefer spending time alone rather than being a social butterfly. Solitude is highly underrated.

I know that... if I could spend all my free time doing yoga, kayaking, camping, hiking, and swimming in the ocean I would be the happiest clam in the sea.

And if nothing else, I know that

What do you know about yourself?

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