Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Sweats Vol. 3

I'm pretty sure this is the best link up I've ever participated in. It keeps me accountable. Not just because some of you are reading this but because I don't want to look back on my week and see that I did nothing. 

Sunday 5/17: Walk {2h} & Yoga {12m}
Sunday was absolutely glorious. I got up and out of the house around 7. Walked 2 towns over to the Hudson County Park and put in 4 laps around the pond. I even did jogging intervals the last lap. I saw these funky looking ducks. I've never seen ones with this coloring before. 

I then came home and did a post run yoga sequence because my left ham was still tight from Friday's workout. It was the first time I was able to do down dog with my feet flat on my mat. 

Monday 5/18: Gym {52m} 
I had to wait for the squat rack so I did some leg press instead of my usual squats. Hit a PR of 190 so I'm almost back to my top PR of 210. Did some Romanian DLs and leg curls and then called it a morning since I was cutting it close.

Tuesday 5/19: Walk {50m} &yoga {50m}
Today was going to be a pretty busy day {more on this later} so I wanted to keep it kind of light. I went for a walk early in the morning and then came home and did a 30 min heart opening sequence, which I think was a little advanced for me. It didn't leave me fleeing blissed out like Erin's videos... so I did her quick start morning flow and got the desired results. I ended up doing some midday sprinting too. I feel like I can jog longer than usual... probably my imagination.

Wednesday 5/20: Gym {37m}
Had to wait 10 minutes for the rack {most uncool} but did so because I didn't want to go 2 workouts without squatting. Hit a PR of 2 for 10 at 85. In retrospect, I think I did 95lbs because I remember removing all the plates and adding a 25 on each side. Oops. It was a complete accident since I actually meant to put on 75 but at the time I thought I had mistakenly loaded 80. #mathfail

Thursday 5/21: Walk & yoga 
Took a quick 40 minutes around town before getting ready for work.

Friday 5/22: Gym {53m}
I got my best {planned}PR yet on squats - 90lbs.  

Saturday 5/23:  Walks 
I was a major slacker today. At 7pm I only had around 3800 steps in for the day. But I rallied. For the past 4 weeks I've had over 10k steps everyday and I refused to fall short. I made up the 7000 some steps I roughly 5 hours. #hotstepper 

Weekly steps: 69,050

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