June 01, 2015

Follow Me to DMB

In a little over a week I’ll be partaking in one of my most favorite summer traditions. It makes no difference that I do this every year because it’s always different and it’s always a great time. If you’re a DMB fan you understand the experience that is a live show. If you’ve never been, sit down, read up, and follow me to DMB!

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Warehouse..... {woo!}
I may be a little biased but in my opinion, one of the first things you should do is get a Warehouse membership. See, I’m a little impatient and I also like to know that things are somewhat guaranteed. Warehouse provides that. For $30/year you get exclusive content, sales, merchandise, a renewal gift, and you can buy summer tickets an entire month ahead of public sales. I signed up after my first show and haven’t looked back.

Hit those Trax
Unless you’ve been a DMB fan since somewhere in the 90s {or you’re a freak, and I say that with love}, there’s no possible way for you to be well versed in everything they have to offer. On Spotify alone they have 489 songs. The studio albums are all awesome, but what’s even more amazing – the live trax albums. My favorite thing is that because DMB is essentially a “jam band” no song sounds exactly the same when it’s played live. Not to mention there are some songs that are so rarely played live it’s a treat to get them. 

We Are Family
Dave shows are like no other I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. Everyone is chill, everyone gets along, and everyone just gets “it”. The more people you have with you, the more fun it is. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to fly solo, be my guest, but really, who does that? Not to mention that it’s a family atmosphere. You’ll meet some of the nicest people in the parking lot pre-gaming who will share their TP with you as you {true story}. And people are more than happy to take your picture.

Roll out the dough
Of course, bring money. You may not want something from the vendor booths {although you should} but the beer stand is a must. Okay, maybe that’s just me. As for your tickets, they’re reasonably priced in my opinion. W and I bought tickets to 2 shows this year and it came out to $189/pp including the fees. Unfortunately, 2 shows a year might become mandatory now.

Of course, and most important – have fun! You’re going to be listening to one of your favorite bands rock out for the next few hours. Soak it in, drink it up, and be present in the moment.

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