Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday Sweats: Vol. 6

You'll have to excuse the fact that this weeks post is coming to you on a Monday. Friday afternoon I realized I never drafted the post, and then I was in NY with Little Miss so we all know nothing got done. #notsorry

Sunday 6/7: Yoga & Gym
This was a great exercise day. I went outside and did some sun salutations, which was glorious. And then headed to the gym for an hour workout. I didn't go heavy on the weights but I did on/off jog {more jogging} for 45 minutes.

Monday 6/8: Gym
Since I went to the gym Sunday I kept today pretty low key. I did some solid jogging (15 mins straight!) and did a brief upper body session. I've decided to incorporate more cardio because for me, that's what burns my fat. I had pretty much stopped all cardio in favor of lifting. Hint: doesn't work.

Tuesday 6/9: Walk
I was kind of lazy today. I only went for a short walk.

Wednesday 6/10: Gym
I had the day off for the DMB concert later that night but I didn't want to slack off so I woke up at my regular 5:45 and headed out to the gym. I did squats and deadlifts and then did some upper body work that was all supersets. #beastmodeon

Thursday 6/11: Rest
Today I did nothing but my average walking. I needed a day off but I'm happy to report that when I stepped on the scale for the Weight Watchers at Work meeting (it gives me points for our challenge) I was down 2 pounds. Cue the happy dance.

Friday 6/12:Rest
I'm a daily weigh-er so I stepped on the scale this morning hoping it hadn't gone up since yesterday afternoon at the meeting. I was happy to see that I went down just over half a pound!

Saturday 6/13: Walk & Little Miss
Every morning when I'm home I join my mom on her daily walk. This time I was pushing her since it was the first time she'd gone in days.

Sunday 6/14: Walk & Little Miss
Little Miss, Mom and I took a late-morning walk. She has a new found love for "walking in the road".

Weekly steps: 96,837

I also want to share the fact that my run game has been increasing. Some days I find that I've been jogging for 5+ minutes straight without issue. Those are the days I do walk/jog intervals for roughly 30 minutes. I've found my speed of ability is 5.0.

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