Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wine & Boobs

This past weekend I went home to the #607. I feel as though I haven't been home in ages but it was a great weekend! This trip seemed to go faster than usual, if that's at all possible.

On Saturday my mom and I joined some friends for the Seneca lake Wine & Food fest and had such a great time. 

This was actually my first time doing a wine tasting. K and I went to a winery a few years ago, but that was different. At least 30 different vendors were present giving samples and information on their wines. There were also food vendors giving samples.

I went in hoping to find a few different wines I liked. I can be an overachiever at times...

Turns out I bought more red than white... who knew. 

On Sunday we lazed about, although Mom and I did get our walk in early in the morning. 

Without a doubt the highlight of the weekend was Little Miss asking if I "have my boobs". 

I was too taken aback to even laugh so I simply said yes. being the parrot that she is, she then replies with "yup, you have your boobs". 3 year old curiosity has learned her that a bra is for boobs, so when mine was sitting in my bag her logical question was if I "have them", meaning the bra. I'm still laughing about it. 

Weekends like these are my absolute favorite. How was yours?

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