Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Probably Don't Know...

As is typical for me, I'm late to the party. After 3 years you'd think I'd be somewhat organized with this whole blogging thing. Ha! I was reading another blogger's post earlier and decided I wanted to get in on the fun though, so here we go!
Helene in Between
1)  I don't like roses. I think they're pretty, but boring. Want to impress me? Get me tiger lilies, they're my favorite.
2)  I have a decent collection of high heels but my most frequently worn shoes are sneakers and flip flops. Heels require effort and meh...
3)  I've had pets my entire life. Although I have 3 cats and a fish right now, I can't wait to have dogs again. Someday...
4)  I hate working. That's not to say I think everything should be handed to me, but dammit, I have more interesting things to be doing - like reading, travelling, cooking, etc. How am I going to become the next Martha Stewart or Giada if I'm not home working on my culinary skills?
5)  I'm really not a fan of jewelry in general. Bracelets bug me because they get in the way while typing; rings never fit my chunky fingers; and necklaces or earrings are too much work to constantly change. The studs I'm wearing? They haven't been changed in over 6 months. Cleaned, yes. Changed, no.
6)  Broccoli is my favorite vegetable. I'll eat it any way but raw. {I'm not really a fan of raw veggies, unless there's ranch around} I have no problem in ordering double sides of broccoli with my steak and have actually ordered broccoli with a side of fries for dinner before.
7)  I rarely, if ever, worry about things. I've been this way since high school and close friends "don't know how I do it". My theory? Why spend time worrying about something I can't change? It makes for a lot less stress in life.
8)  I say 'dude' a lot. I'll address male and female friends this way without so much as a though. I refer to strangers this way and sometimes I say it to K, which he gets mad about. It's just how I talk and I make no apologies for it.
9) I am boring. I learned a long time ago that I'm the kind of girl who would rather stay home with a bottle of wine and a movie than go out somewhere. To me, going out involves putting in the effort of an outfit, shoe choices, venue choices, etc. I just don't have the energy to think about or deal with all of that. I'd rather watch Pretty Woman for the 47617492136 time than go to some bar with obnoxious people.
10)  I'm horrible at doing things that are good for me. You know, budgeting, eating clean, using sunscreen.... I'm the worst. I can stick with something for about a month and then I either get bored or I feel like I'm confining myself to something I don't want to do. In other words, adulting is not for me.
And there's some fun facts about me.

Hugs and Kisses from my Nutshell.

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