Friday, July 31, 2015


Although we have a couple of months left before it’s time, tomorrow starts the beginning of the end. Tomorrow is August. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego did this summer go?! I still feel like Memorial Day just happened. As much as I love summer, I’m looking forward to the cooler temps {hello sweatshirt weather!} and the smell of the fall air.

I feel like I didn't get much accomplished this summer in the way of trips or outings, but I do have several things planned for the upcoming months from a trip to the Bloomsburg Fair to my annual Halloween party, as well as a trip back to the Warwick Winery.

In any event, it's Friday, it's payday {finally}, and I'm so not in the mood to be at work. In an effort to make my tedious days go by faster, and because Serial was one of the best things I've ever heard, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Today, I'm sharing my favorites.

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
You may have heard of her? She wrote Eat Pray Love {a fave}. In this podcast, which is new {only 3 episodes so far} she talks about how to grow your creativity and go after your dreams. I haven't really picked up any "a-ha moments" but I enjoy listening. Cheryl Strayed guest spoke in episode 2.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin
I started listening to this per Alyssa's recommendation since I really enjoyed her book on habits. She does this show with her sister, Elizabeth Craft. Each episode they give a "try at home" top to help make life a little easier, while also discussing how they do/ don't do this habit and the results.

Last year I listened to Serial and was blown away at how someone was convicted of a crime, in my opinion, they did not commit. There were/are so many unanswered questions about what happened. There's also nothing but circumstantial evidence, again, in my opinion. I just started in this morning. I'll check in with my thoughts on this in another post.

The Morning Show with Traci + Kayla
Unless you're into spirituality, meditation, positive energy, and the like, you may not like this one. Personally, I listen every day and absolutely love it! Traci + Kayla are a mother/daughter team who offer up inspiration and a "modern girl's guide to spirituality". They're like the Gilmore Girls of the spiritual world. I can't get enough.

So those are the 4 podcasts I'm currently obsessed with. I'm open to listening to podcasts all the live long day so if there's anything you'd recommend, let me know!

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