July 29, 2015

Lately: Minimalist Edition

At the beginning of the month I decided to do the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge. At first I just thought minimalism meant getting rid of 99% of your stuff and living in a practically empty space. It can mean that, if that’s what you want. But really, minimalism is about being mindful. It’s about figuring out what’s most important to you and weeding out all the rest. As soon as I read through the challenge I realized a lot of the tasks were things I was already doing. Some days served as a reminder to keep going, others, required some effort.

Since the month is almost over I wanted to check in on how it's been going.

I chose not to do the tasks in order. Mainly because I didn't want to, but I also felt that I would do each task as I needed to.

One of the very first tasks I completed, probably the first, was to identify 3-6 main priorities. I'm pretty on the ball with my priorities but it was a good chance to write them down and be present with them. I also, unknowingly, completed the unfollow and unfriend task. Fourth of July weekend seemed like a good time to start removing accounts, "friends", and businesses that I wasn't interacting with at all. People I went to HS with but haven't spoke to in years? Delete. Businesses that I like but never shop at? Delete. Talk about cleansing.
Almost immediately {the same day really} I started cleaning up my digital life. I went through my external hard drive, opened folders and documents and deleted anything I no longer needed. Old resumes, cover letters, term papers - it all went. This was something that needed to be done because my C drive was nearing capacity. How?! But it was and so programs, docs, and photos met their demise. I even went through all of my recipes and tossed more than half.

Thanks to the streamline your reading list task I scaled back my TBR list by 30 books. I didn't get rid of anything I genuinely wanted to read, but all those free kindle downloads that 99% of the time are trashy romance novels? Deleted.

Given that I was on a spending freeze this month, it wasn't difficult to not buy anything for 24 hours. I also had no trouble with going bare faced as I typically don't have time don't care enough to bother putting on makeup in the morning. I was more than content with no TV all day, read instead because really, TV is such a brain drain. Did I really just say that? Hello 90s. I have a select few shows but more often, I'm happier with the TV off.
I talked about letting go of a goal in its own post and so many of you agreed that if the goal was no longer serving its purpose, it was time to let it go. I deleted not only the list, but the account as well and I haven't missed it since.
Some of the tasks I was putting off, were to turn off notifications, no e-mail or social media until lunch and stay offline for one day. The latter was doable, it just required planning, a weekend, and some willpower. Thankfully, Little Miss and a good book is all the distraction I need.

I think my favorite days were unfollow & unfriend; declutter your digital life; downsize your beauty collection; evaluate your commitments; and let go of a goal. More than anything, it's been a learning experience. I'm going to continue with the minimalist life and see where it takes me. We say it about makeup all the time, but it's true for life as well

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