Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Sweats 9

Why can't I settle into a workout routine and stick with it?!

Sunday 7/12 - R&R
I did a whole lot of nothing on Sunday, but when I tell you it was glorious - it. was. glorious. I laid out in the backyard reading my first Stephen King novel all day. I got some great sun, spent time with myself, and read through an excellent book in one day.

Monday 7/13 - Zip

I didn't do anything productive on Monday. Literally, nothing.

Tuesday 7/14 - Walk
The guilt for having not worked out was starting to creep in so as soon as I got home I fed the cats, had my dinner, changed my clothes, and headed out for a walk. Nothing crazy, but a good 20 minutes had me out in the fresh air.

Wednesday 7/15 - Rest

Nothing happened today. 

Thursday 7/16 - Lunch walk

I got myself out for a walk through Central Park yesterday during lunch. I wish I had time to go further in, but I can only go so far before I have to turn back. 

Friday 7/17 - Lunch Walk
I knew I was going to be doing a lot of sitting today since I was heading home for the weekend so I made sure to get a walk in during my lunch hour. 

Saturday 7/18 - Little Miss

Yes, I'm not counting my niece as exercise. Have you ever spent the entire day running around after a 3 year old? Trust me, it's exercise. I wouldn't have it any other way. 


The scale says I've lost a total of 9.1 pounds!  
I've logged 24 days in a row with MFP. This is a high for me because it means I'm actually paying attention to what I'm eating. 


I have the worst time sticking to a fitness schedule. Unfortunately, and I know I shouldn't, I put way too much pressure on myself about it. So what if I missed the gym all week? But the thing is, when I go back, I feel horrible. How do you guys stick with your routines/schedules?

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