Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Sweats Vol. 10

What a week! I feel like I put in a real effort this week. The number on the scale has been moving in the direction I want and I'm not about to sabotage that...yet. Talk to me in the middle of January when all I want is mac n' cheese and I'll be singing a different tune. But for now, let's go with it!

Sunday 7/19
I was home for the morning so I hung out with Little Miss and got the last of my 3-year old "training session" in. She's exhausting but it's beyond worth it. 

Monday 7/20: Rest
I have no idea what I did on Monday. Probably nothing. But I did walk 8,626 steps. 

Tuesday 7/21: Walk
every morning I get up, feed the cats, and typically sit down and work on blog drafts or check my e-mail. Today I went to sat down, chastised myself and took my but out for a mile walk. Much better way to start my day!

Wednesday 7/22: Walk
I made sure to repeat my morning walk again on Wednesday. It's not the gym but it's something. 

Thursday 7/23: Walk + yoga
I went for a quick 25 minute walk this morning. Did some walking during lunch and then finally got my butt to Bryant Park for one of the free yoga classes.

And I was still in pose when I took this - BOOM!

I clearly haven't spent much time on my mat lately because on Friday my entire body felt used.

Friday 7/24: Walk
On Friday I gave myself a pass for my morning walk. And I didn't beat myself up for not being "perfect".

Saturday 7/25: BEACH!
I had to be up early so there wasn't any time for activity. Alyssa, Dani, Jenn and I all spent the day at Point Pleasant. I think drinking and laughing count as exercise because that's what I did.There was some swimming though and a decent amount of walking.

Overall, I think it was a decent week. 

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