Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Sweats Vol. 7

I completely skipped the last two week's posts because I did absolutely nada. When I came home from NY 3 weeks ago I had a head cold that still! has some lingering congestion up through last week. There's nothing I dislike more than being congested.

In any event, I basically skipped out on all forms of activity last week and used it as a chance to just give my body some too much down time. It was the first time in months that I walked less than 74k steps since May.

Since we're now officially in summer, it's a perfect time to get back into the swing of things!

{I know this was weeks ago but.... } 
Sunday 6/21: International Yoga Day
I participated in the biggest yoga event of my life. Along with fellow blogger Alyssa, I joined thousands of yogis from all over to celebrate summer solstice and International Yoga Day in Times Square. The woman who was to my right told me she came all the way from California just for the event. I feel as though the magnitude of what was happening becomes lost in translation. Bikram yoga was something completely new to me but I absolutely loved it. I prefer the flow of Vinyasa, but this is definitely something to practice to "switch things up". It was a really humbling experience and I love that in the midst of maddness, in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in America, I was able to find stillness.

I'm stealing Alyssa's picture because she actually took some.

And for this week:

Monday 6/29: Gym
Although I really didn't want to I got up early and made sure to hit the gym. After taking so much time off I needed to get back into some sort of routine. I kept it simple and put in work on the Stair Master and then did some back work, but it was nice to get back in the gym.

Tuesday 6/30: Lunch walk
I kept it simple and just walked down 6th Avenue during lunch. I turned down 44th street to start making my loop.. but then I found a used bookstore.

Wednesday 7/1: Gym
I headed back to the gym this morning did some quick cardio. But then I noticed the rack was empty...

I kept the weights low-ish (95 on squat; 105 on DL) since it's been a while. And you know what? It sucked and was awesome at the same time. Let me just put this out there: squatting feels so good. When I relayed this to K the following day he informed me that squatting 5lbs under my previous PR is not low. #oops.

Thursday 7/2: Walk
I got out of work at 2 {huzzuh!} so I headed home and did a bunch of nothing. I wanted to get in some yoga time but figured I could do it on Friday. Inadvertently I took the wrong bus route home so i had to walk up Gorge Rd {not that any of you know where that is, just know it's a decent incline for walking}.

Friday 7/3: Nada
I'm so annoyed with myself for wasting the day. I did absolutely nothing. I didn't even break 2500 steps...  For shame. 

Saturday 7/4: Gym & Walks... to the cooler
I had every intention of being lazy today to celebrate 'Murica but after Friday's lack of movement I got up, had my tea, and headed to the gym for an hour.

Weekly Steps: 35,776 

+ This was the final week of the Fit For Life challenge at work {finally!} and I made sure to get my minimum 20 points/week so I can get a prize.

+ I definitely felt the fact that took time off from the gym. I was doing 95 without issue and when I did it this week I struggled towards the end of the set. I need to remember this feelings when I take time off. No one likes starting from the bottom... again.

+ I need to get serious about my yoga practice. I make excuses that I don't have time, or that I'll do it later, but let's be honest, later never comes and we all know it. I'm going to start small because I'm notorious for having grand plans and then just overwhelming myself. Every Tuesday is going to be yoga day. I'll increase from there. I put in a solid half hour today and as usual, I loved every minute of it. 


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