Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Sweats Vol. 8

This week started off kind of lazy but I think I finally got with the program for the second half.

Sunday 7/5: Zip
After the festivities of the 4th I needed to get my butt moving. It's not that I ate horribly, but I put away several beers and moving was practically non-existent. We went to another BBQ, although this time I played with all the kids {wtf is happening to me?!}

Monday 7/6: Mini-Walk
I did a whole lot of nothing today as well except my lunch walk around midtown.

Tuesday 7/7: Lunch walk
I ate lunch at my desk and then took an hour walk around midtown. I walked all the way over to Park Ave. Although not entirely far, it's the farthest I've walked during lunch.

Wednesday 7/8: Yoga
I decided to start Erin's 2014 Yoga Challenge. I may or may not have done the first 3 days at once.

Thursday 7/9: Walks around town
I didn't really do anything today. No lunch walk, walked tot he nail salon and home though. 

Friday 7/10: Nada
I was just happy to come home Friday night to an empty house with zero plans. Sometimes those are the absolute best.

Saturday 7/11: Bike
I was feeling really guilty about being pretty lazy all week. I request books from the library and then go pick them up. Instead of having them sent to my "home" library, I rode my bike to/from the Fort Lee library {5.8mi RT} to pick up my books and enjoy some time outside.


I did yoga this week! #babystepstoconsistency
The number on the scale is moving in a downward direction.
First time on a bike ride since last summer.


I didn't get as much gym time as I would have liked. I need to sit down and hash out a morning routine that I can stick with daily. 

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