July 15, 2015

The Downfalls to Office Life

For the past 9 years my job, regardless of where I have been, my job was in an office. Compared to the alternative of working retail, I am A-OK with this. An office means set hours; a salary. But for all its perks, someone forgot to water the grass on the other side.

How Do I dress?
If you’ve ever worked in an office you might understand this. One day you’re wearing a sweater because it’s cold outside. You get to the office and realize you’ve miraculously arrived in the Sahara. The next day you wear something lighter only to be transported to Antarctica. No matter what time of year it is, you can’t win. Layers are your friend.

The Longest Hour
I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with an office environment but that last work hour is always the longest, especially during this time of year. It’s as if the clock is actually moving backwards.

This is Not a Bakery
Every office has one. The person who is constantly bringing in chocolates and baked goods, stuffing all those treats right in your face any time you walk into the break room.  Sadly, my willpower to say no to chocolate or a scone is about as good as Kanye not saying something stupid. 

Silence Is (not) Golden
I don’t care what anyone says, there is no silence like mid-afternoon office silence. It’s as though absolutely everything has stopped making noise. And then the phone rings and it sounds like an air horn went off in your ear.

No Soup Blogger for You
Sometimes Blogger is blocked, and really, that’s just a travesty. It's not blocked at my new gig so I draft often.

Elevator Traffic
Anyone who has ever been in a high-rise elevator knows this pain. You're on the 46th floor and you are headed out to a) get lunch, or b) leave for the day. It's at this precise time that every asshat in the building also needs the elevator so you make a stop at every. single. floor.

Office culture is definitely a different world. Sometimes you meet great coworkers, other times...well, see above. It's nice to have a set paycheck, if you're salaried, but regardless of how nice it can be there's no doubt that every day ends like this

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