Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Here's Your Sign

I don't know about you but I'm a believer in astrology. I don't get too in depth with it because I think, like anything, it can change. However, if there's one thing I'm certain of it's that I am a tried and true Sagittarius! Shout out to all the Archers!!

The Facts:
Sags are in the ninth house, ruled by the planet Jupiter, and are a fire sign. And no, I have no idea what any of that means. They are represented by either the arrow, an archer, or a centaur. It's said that those born under this sign have two personalities: the horse, who likes to roam free and is rebellious and aggressive, and the person who is smart, honest, and open-minded. This site on Sagittarius traits is the most accurate I've found.

Here's what you should know about Archers:
  • Sagittarius people can become easily bored as their imagination wanders on a daily basis
  • A Sagittarian person will never "bite their lip" and will speak the brutal truth, and they always mean what they say. Their comments can sometimes be too harsh and may hurt other people.
  • Very positive person and a great listener
  • Known for their large heart and willingness to give a helping hand to anyone that asks
  • The Sagittarian sign is known for being very blunt and over confident.
  • They will never shy away from taking risks to keep the excitement alive.
  • Their interest in things can be short-lived, and keeps fluctuating
  • As their key planet, Jupiter encourages them to live life as it comes, flow with the tide, and to have faith in something which is greater than themselves.
  • They may lack emotion.

And here's what I know about myself:
  • I don't get stressed. I go with the flow, I prefer to quietly observe and then make my choices. I'm not big on pros and cons.
  • I'm always #upforwhatever {screw you Bud Light}

  •  If you piss me off I will let you know. If you're hurt me, I will let you know. If I love you, you'll know it. If I've cut you out of my life, there's no coming back. It's not a grudge, it's just the way things are.
  • To add to the above, I will tell you my opinion, respectfully, whether you'll like it or not.
  • I've been told more than once that I'm cold, heartless, and rough around the edges. My initial response is always do I look like I care? I don't think I'm a cold person and instead it's because I'm guarded until I deem you worthy to be let in.
  • I'm protective of those I love.
  • I get bored easily but I can always entertain myself.
  • I want to do everything. We all know wanderlust is a very real thing, but for me, as a Sag, it's magnified. Sags crave freedom.

  • Even though I'm very go with the flow, I am quick-tempered.
  • I hate feeling trapped or stagnant.
  • I may be a fire sign but water is what keeps me sane. It makes sense to me fire...water. It's the perfect balance.
I tend to be in good company. My fellow Archers include:
  • Brittany Spears
  • Ben Stiller
  • Brad Pitt
  • Tay-Tay
  • Bette Midler
  • Stephen Spielberg
  • Jay-Z
  • My best friend
  • Ian Somerhalder {sweet fucking Jesus YES!}
  • Walt Disney {my obsession makes so much sense now}
  • Rita Ora
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Miley

So how about you? Are you true to your sign? Or do you go back and forth because you're on the cusp? Who do you share it with?

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