Monday, August 31, 2015

It Happened One Weekend

Another weekend in the books. Although there wasn't anything exceptionally special happening there were plenty of events that took place. I'm warning you, this post is all over the place.

+ For starters, both K and Santa {K's dad looks like Santa in the face, hence the nickname} were gone this weekend so I had the entire house to myself. Hell effing yes!

+ I gave in to my Type A side and cataloged my entire wardrobe. It took about 6 hours total but I'm now aware of every single clothing/accessory item I own. Separate post coming on this soon.

+ I hung out with friends Saturday afternoon and had a good time just enjoying everyone's company. #lifeisgood

+ We had a full moon on Saturday. Even though they typically bring out the crazies, it's also good for releasing. I took the time during the week to make a list of all the things I wanted to release. I then read them aloud and burned them. #cathartic

+ I finally finished S4 of OUAT and still need to finish S4 of Scandal. I had pretty much stopped watching them back in March and just let the episodes sit on the DVR. It's time to watch them or lose them now that K finally listened to me and is switching over to Fios. #FINALLY

+ I finished a book (yay) and started a new one... Even though I'm in the middle of 4 other books. #bibliophile

Also, you may have noticed I changed my clothes! I started getting the itch to remodel a few weeks ago. I loved my previous design, as I have those before it, but felt it was time to change. Part of me felt it was too soon since I didn't have the old design very long. Then Saturday's Timehop advised me that it had been a year since I last updated. So that makes this change right on time! Whatcha think?!

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