Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Off the Chest

It's been a long time since I've participated.

+ I despise small talk, elevator chat, weather conversation, or any other form of the unnecessary filling silence. Silence is golden.

+ I love my hair and wouldn't trade it for anything but sometimes I really hate not being able to push the "undone" limits. Meaning, I can only go 3 days without doing my hair before I start to look homeless. Although some times my clothing does it for me. 


+ I adore my Samsung Galaxy but the S6 has some major software issues and it's really pissing me off. It's frustrating that my only other option for a quality smartphone is the iPhone, which I do. not. want. #BadApple

+ On Monday one of my attorneys walked past my desk eating a strawberry Chobani. I just knew it was mine. The one I put in there that morning. Sure enough I go to the fridge and my yogurt was gone. I left a nice passive aggressive note on yesterday's yogurt.

+ Whenever I get a box from Amazon, or anywhere really, I take out the stuff and leave the box on the floor for the cats. It sits there for days. Currently there are 3 boxes on the floor that they randomly sleep and play in. #catlady

+ When I go home to NY, every few trips I take clothes to leave there. It's like I'm moving back in. But really, it just means that the other times I don't need to bring anything but my iPad and underwear. #win

+ Sunday/Monday I had a dream that I was leaving for federal prison {my life is now OITNB apparently}. I don't know what I did but I remember being at the movies, and then in some plain, soul-sucking type building. I remember being at K's house, which was essentially a mansion, and starting to get my shit it order and  then waiting hours to be checked in. This dream was so vivid I took off my necklace in the middle of the night because you're not allowed any jewelry. I woke up with the charm under me and the necklace in my hand. 

+ I only keep cacti and snake plants in the house. Snake plants are poisonous to cats. It's not that I'm trying to kill my cats, it's the only plant Roxie doesn't try to eat.

+ Sometimes going an entire day without having to talk to one single person is a good day. {See #1}

+ I've faced facts and admitted to myself that law is not my career of choice. After a few weeks of reflecting I've received some signs as to where I should be. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. And no, I'm not ready to talk about it.

+ I went to the gym twice in all of July and I'm not sorry at all. 

+ I now spend all my free time listening to podcasts, reading, and increasing my spirituality. Sometimes I think what's happening to me? Most of the time I think, what took so long?!

Now it's your turn! Get to confessing!

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