Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Sweats Vol. 11

Oh this week. While leaps and bounds better than last week, it still took forever and I was basically a bump on a log.

Sunday 7/26: playtime
On Sunday K and I hung out with friends. I played with a 1 year old all day and then we had a girls v. guys Nerf fight followed by a water fight. Epic fun.

Monday 7/27: walks
I went out for a quick 10 minute walk before work; walked a bit during lunch; and then went for a 35 minute walk after dinner. 

Tuesday 7/28: walk 
I went out for a walk Tuesday morning and then again during lunch. K and I had tickets to the Mets game Tuesday night so he met me at Citi Field. We had a good time.

Wednesday 7/29: walk
I got caught up meditating and journaling in the morning so I only went out for a lap around the block. I went out again during lunch. I walked down to 47th to have the brows done, and then walked back and stopped for an ice cream cone. Oh Mr. Frostee, you complete me.

Thursday 7/30: walks
I went for a walk around the block before work. During my lunch break I had to walk down to Bryant Park to drop my phone off at Sprint. I then walked back to work. Annnd I made the trip back down after to pick up my phone.

Friday 7/31: r & r
Friday night I came home, made dinner and just loafed. 

Saturday 8/1: walks
Saturday I got up bright and early, did some chores, walked to get a mani/pedi, walked home {hummed the entire way... what?!}, and then went grocery shopping. You guys, the day was perfect. Then after dinner and a movie at home I went out for a 15m walk.

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