Friday, August 7, 2015

Sunshine Voxbox

Boys and girls, we're officially entering the first weekend of August. I said it last week and I'll say it again, where did this summer go?!

When I came back from NY last month I came home to lots of mail goodies. My new book and phone charger were waiting for me {Oreo chewed through mine}, and best of all, my Sunshine Voxbox needed some attention.

I've lost track of how many voxboxes I've received at this point, but this one if definitely my favorite. Here's a quick look at what was included.

First of all, I'm a huge fan of Dickinson's Witch Hazel. I always have it on hand and it's my go-to toner after I wash my face. I use it morning and night. These cleaning wipes are amazing. They leave my face feeling refreshed and actually clean. {Cost: $6.99}

Sinful Colors is one of my absolute favorite brands of nail polish so I was really happy to see that in there. The color is "Real Teal" and it's just something that I would buy for myself. I decided to give myself a pedicure. I liked it but I felt the color was too thin. Perhaps it was the "silk" appearance it was supposed to give? {Cost: $1.99}

The Vaseline Spray Moisturizer was new to me. I've seen them all over but had yet to actually try one. I'm personally on the fence with Vaseline. Although I like their lotions, I feel they're too watery. This one goes on smooth and absorbs quickly though, so that's a huge plus to me. Plus I can take it with me without the gear of it getting everywhere.{Cost: $6.49}

I've never used Infusium 23 but I was on the fence with this conditioner. I used it while at the beach this past weekend because ocean water + curly hair = unruly frizz for days. It smelled great but didn't quite do the trick. I think, for me, the formula wasn't thick enough. As I used it later that night to comb out my hair, it kept re-knotting because it wasn't moisturized enough. {Cost: $6.99}

I snacked on those Blue Diamond Sriracha almonds the other day while coming home from the Mets game. They're the perfect travel snack. I though that they were pretty damn good. I shared with K and he liked them as well. They have the perfect amount of heat. {Cost: $1.59}

There was also a coupon for some Bark Thins. I had never tried these... and I feel like I never will. Every store I go into to get them doesn't have them. According to the website I need to hit a Target or Whole Foods. Typical... So I'll be picking them up this weekend to snack on. {Cost: $4.99}

See what I mean? Best voxbox to date! If you're not part of the Influenster crew, click the link, get signed up {it's always free!}, and shortly you'll be getting fun packages in the mail.

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