Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 Things I Don't Want to Admit

In my 10+ years as a "legal" adult there's one fact of life I've learned to just accept - sometimes you just have to admit to your weaknesses. It doesn't make you a failure, it just makes you human.

5 Things I Don't Want to Admit voice bubble

+ Even at 30 years old... Sometimes I'm still afraid of the dark. My imagination has a knack for going from 'there's a skunk outside' to 'there's a hoard of zombies trying to get in the house' in a flash.

+ The entire concept of having a baby freaks me out. I'm pretty sure I can tolerate the 9 months part, but after that? I'm not  even going to pretend to be okay about it. It terrifies me.

+ I'm just not into football like I used to be. I still love the game, after all, I've been a Giant's fan for 18 years. It's just that I no longer have any interest in fantasy football, or the non-Giant games that are on. This one actually makes me heart a little sad.

Sometimes I think I'm ready to move home.

I still can't dress myself. OK, this isn't entirely true, it's just that although I may be able to "see" what looks good together, the execution is greatly lacking. Why can't all of these outfits magically appear in my closet?

And those are all the skeletons I'm letting out this week.

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