Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Bucket List

I've always been a big fan of goal setting. There's always something on my to-do list. If I don't complete something it typically keeps being rolls dover until I do it or decide that it no longer serves me. For that reason alone I'm taking a page from Dani's blog book and making a seasonal bucket list. Some of these tasks have been on my mind for a few years. By writing them down and proclaiming them to all of you it makes me accountable for actually doing them instead of just thinking about them.

Now that it's officially fall I can share my list with you.

+ I'm really looking forward to going apple picking. Every year I want to do this and it never happens.

+ I'm also looking forward to a hay ride. We have a lot of places around here where they do fall activities so I'm going to convince K to go and have a fun fall day.

+ Since making an apple pie, from scratch, is also on my list I know I'll be able to get a two-fer. Picking my apples and then turning them into a fresh pie? Yes please!

+ I've never made my own candles but I really don't think it can be that hard. When I looked at tutorials they all seemed really easy. I just need to buy the supplies.

+ Way back in 2006 I made homemade potato soup - completely by accident. At the time I remember it being pretty damn good. I want to make homemade soup this season. I just haven't decided on which kind.

+ I added picking a Halloween costume simply because it takes me so damn long to figure out what I want to go as. We've done a couples theme for the past 2 years but the options for couples costumes are soo lame. Bacon and eggs? Ketchup and mustard? Socket and plug? No thank you!

+ I also intend to take a hike this season. The leaves and the smell in the air are one of my favorite things. I can get lost in the beauty of nature so I'm actually really excited about this one.

+ The Bloomsburg Fair. This is actually pre-planned but I'm adding it because I can. October 2nd Mom, her bff and I are heading to Bloomsburg, PA to enjoy the annual fair {Fun fact: this is where Mom went to college}

Now that I've created my list I'm really excited about it. Unlike weekly/monthly goals, I have no immediate time frame, and that's a relief. My only "rule" is that I need to complete these before December 22nd (Winter solstice).

Have you ever done any of these things or are they still on your to-do list?


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