September 18, 2015

Hunting Season


It's that necessary evil that we all have to put up with. Some of us are lucky enough to be working in a position or industry we find happiness in. I envy those people. Others, like myself, are in a field we've realized isn't for us. Back when I was job hunting there were hundreds of thoughts running through my head. I figured it was polite of me to share them with you.

Ok, let's find the job that was meant for me.

So many jobs!!!!

Wait, am I qualified for this?

Why do I have to upload my resume AND still fill out all my info... So repetitive.

This sounds good...

$13/hr? How about no.

Omg this job is prefect! Just hire me now.

Oh wait, it's in Boston.

I love Boston, I could move....

Maybe I should move...

Ok let's be real.

Should I bother working with recruiters?

They can be so irritating. Ehh, at least it's another set eyes looking.

Ok, I've applied to 6 positions.

God I hate my resume....

Maybe I should tweak it again?

Why can't I just work on an island selling coconut drinks?

Because it's not real life.

But it IS real life. People do it!!

Goddamn these student loans.

I need a minimum salary of X.

Omg this job was made for me! It sounds perfect!

Wait, didn't I apply to this already?

I did...

Ok maybe I should just go to bed.

And that ends my 3 hour job application binge. The struggle of job hunting is real. It's like having a non-non-paying part time job. And interviewing....forget it!

Let's  hope the coconut gig pans out guys. First round is on me!

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